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Reiki is an energy healing modality for the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Can be combined with other sessions, and can be done in person or through

distance healing.

Reiki Treatment

Your Pain Is Your Treasure Map – Why We Heal

Your pain is literally a road map of healing which, if followed, will lead you to your destined treasure at the end. That treasure at the end has nothing to do with getting the things you want in your external life, although that will most likely happen. No, that treasure you reach at the end is within you, in your heart. It’s actually a return or a remembering of your innate wholeness that could never be changed by what life throws your way. The pain, in whatever form it takes – anxiety, worry, overwhelm, despair, depression, grief, self-loathing, etc., is the key to your heart. So many of us are feeling this deep level of pain, some of us know it is calling us to more and some of us don’t. You’ve either been there and have done the work of healing yourself, or you’re there and haven’t started the work, or you’re there and have just embarked upon the journey. Wherever you are, my intention with this blog is to offer some understanding of why it benefits us to heed the call and do the important inner work of emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

So why bother? This is not an easy journey, I will tell you that. It does seem easier to stay numb and follow along with others who are blind to their own greatness. Some might also think it’s easier to take the pill for your anxiety and depression or one of the many other ailments that are a byproduct of not living from your deepest truth. There is a world of beauty and joy that you can access from within, and when you do, the world outside of you feels infinitely more beautiful and fulfilling. Healing is that freedom that allows you to feel safe through all the ups and downs of life and fear is no longer what fuels your actions (or inaction in many cases). You’re on solid ground so you can ride the ebb and flow of life and appreciate it’s fragility as a reason to drink in every moment as fully as you can. By taking this journey of healing, you become someone who lives their destiny instead of bemoaning their fate. You also become someone now whose darkness has given way to light and thus you create a more joyful experience for everyone, even those you don’t know.

The reason this happens as a result of healing is because healing is actually a change in perception allowing you to remember and see the truth of who you really are underneath life’s sometimes painful experiences. How we perceive things is how they appear to be in our reality. When we heal our perception of ourselves, life, others, painful experiences, etc., our reality shifts from the inside out. As we heal ourselves we begin to see or perceive in the way that the Divine does, and then our reality reflects that higher level of seeing. God (Source, Creator, Universe) is love, meaning the energy of love is what God is. That energy is the highest vibration there is so when you have divine perception, you are vibrating in that same energy. What happens then is that your life begins to reflect this vibration. The experiences you have, the people you meet, the work you do, the relationships you have are all lifted to this same vibration. This is how inner change creates outer change.

When we clear away the clutter inhabiting our inner world, we uncover a light so bright that people may comment we’re literally glowing. That kind of light and inner joy does not come from anything in the outer world. Nothing causes it because it is always there, just hiding beneath the layers of debris that we pretended weren’t there until it got too painful to ignore.

What I stumbled upon along the way of my own healing (still in progress) was that underlying all the different teachings I was absorbing is essentially the same thread of understanding. We’re all here to uplift, to raise the collective energetic vibration, to evolve as a mass to a higher way of living. We do that one by one, as we heal our individual wounds and clean up our own inner life. When we do this our pain gives way to our light which can then shine brightly into the world. Our gift to each other is to do our inner emotional, spiritual, and mental work. We’re in pain because we’re feeling the blocks to our own greatness. We know there is something greater trying to express through us but we can’t access it. Moving through our pain and not around it is the way to access our greatness.

In the Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden discusses how we’re all connected via this invisible matrix of energy to each other and to the divine. So when we heal ourselves and raise our vibration to Love, we aren’t healed alone. We heal the world through our energetic connection and transcend en masse to a higher level of consciousness. One individual life and heart does impact the entire Universe. You are that important!

According to A Course In Miracles, those who are healed become the instruments of healing and when you let healing come to you it is your great offering to all the world. So, your pain is your treasure map, as it is for each and every one of us, leading you down a road that unleashes your great offering to the world. That is why we set out to heal, for a purpose so much larger than our small selves.

Now that you know the why, let’s explore the how and talk about what emotional, mental, and spiritual healing actually looks like in part two of this blog to come. I realize that while it’s great to expound conceptually it is equally or more important to know and understand the application in your own life. So, if you’re ready to find your treasure and share it with the world, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow.

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