Personalized to each client based on individual focus and intentions for healing and growth. Packages include: Exploratory single sessions, 6 session packages, and 12 session packages. Packages offer a discount on per session fees.

This monthly group will consist of teaching, writing prompts for exploration and healing, and opportunities to receive direct coaching for those needing it. Writing will explore different themes or topics in self relationship and healing. Tiered payment options ($0-$50) are offered in order to allow all who are in need to participate. Takes place the second Tuesday of every month. 

This 3 month intensive container consists of weekly sessions to explore and discover the self through life experiences, your emotional body, mental/behavioral patterns, and spiritual understanding. We'll use the heart's energy/intelligence to navigate & transmute pain, create new patterning, and vision what's next. Combines teaching, practice, counseling, coaching, and a great deal of home practice. This intensive allows you access to continued support and guidance between sessions. 

Image by Erik Witsoe

Receive information and guidance on specific issues or general inquiries

in all areas of life using Tarot, oracle cards, and channelled messages.


Three sessions focused on identifying trauma and its impact, using beginning

level practices to process trauma, and providing tools personalized to each

client and their needs.

Head in Hands

Reiki is an energy healing modality for the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Can be combined with other sessions, and can be done in person or through

distance healing.

Reiki Treatment