“As a religious leader, I have found it extremely meaningful to work with Khatija.  Her coaching style is inherently spiritual, warm and embracing, and reflective of the wisdom that comes with many years of experience, personal growth, and insight.  She has helped me be an even more effective helping professional.”


– The Reverend Manish Mishra-Marzetti

“Khalil Gibran states, “no man can reveal to you aught but which already lies half asleep in the dawning of our knowledge.  The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness”.  This is the essence of the experience I have in working with Khatija.  As I am “waking up” to experience and understand my life/struggles, Khatija gently guides me through the twists and turns of my unique journey. I have had more revelations and “ah-ha” moments within the first few sessions than the several years of working with different therapists.  With love and faith, Khatija provides me the opportunity to recognize and breakthrough any barriers I may consciously or subconsciously place in my life. She taught me the power of self-healing through meditation, healthy eating, affirmation and prayer.  She has changed my life and I am forever grateful.”

– Maral Reyes, School Counselor

"Khatija has guided me through so many difficult transitions and challenges over the years. I was a wreck when I met her, and I hid it well from most people, but my inner self was longing to be heard. She did that. I would describe her style of holding space for people as a mix of spiritual guidance, and research based counseling. Her knowledge about healing trauma is vast, and her ability to get people to see themselves is remarkable. My life began to change from the moment I met her, and I consider myself blessed to have her as my most trusted resource for mental health."

– Sarah Campbell

 "Khatija came into my life during a time of great and painful transition. Her warmth, wisdom, and community supported and challenged me to step into my next chapter. It takes a village, and I'm grateful to Khatija for being a part of mine. Thank you K! You know you are one of my angels."

- Rebekah S.

“What I would say is Khatija is good at what she does, and it is so hard for me to explain what it is exactly. It is just an organic and intuitive relationship where she helps people to identify issues on a deep level in order to work through them to get into alignment with your highest self. She does it in an extremely loving, gentle and non judgmental way.”

– Stephanie Wallace, Photographer

“Through practical application of heart-centered work and as a witness to your story, Khatija guides others in cultivating a space within them to reconnect to the love and the stillness in their heart, ultimately leading to the awakening of consciousness and through continued practice, unleashing your true potential and path.”

– Michele Harris

"I have been working with Khatija for a year and a half now and I can tell you my experience of life has drastically changed for the better because of her guidance and care. I came to her as a broken, lost, depressed soul, riddled with anxiety. And while those difficult feelings and moments still come up, I at least now know exactly what I need to do to navigate through them and support myself at the deepest level. Khatija has truly taught me how to become my own safe space, never abandon myself, be accountable for my actions, and how to become my own advocate. This did not happen over night and I truly don’t think I could have made this much progress without these sessions with Khatija holding me accountable. And while she is very loving, compassionate and open minded; she also does not hesitate to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to for your own growth. And it is this combination of loving-supportive-truth that continuously helps me to free my mind, heart and spirit."


-Angela D.

"I joined Khatija's Hearts Wide Open Women's Group unaware of the depth of my trauma. For the years that followed, Khatija helped me get to the core of all the issues impacting my life in a negative way and in the most loving way assisted me through this journey of processing my pain. I would not be who I am or where I am without the guidance of this beautiful soul. To connect with Khatija is to experience a divine blessing."


-Karem C.

"Khatija has a gift.  Her ability to gently attune to the tender and vulnerable places of others is uncommon. She uses her gift to steward the willing through their own healing.  She asks questions it may take a year to answer.  “What brings you joy?” she posited to me in 2016. I stared blankly into the universe with no response and she held me there, kindly reminding me to seek that truth. Four years later I am living the answers to that question- and there are many. I had completely lost myself in new motherhood and an ill fitting marriage when I met Khatija. Through my work with her I returned to myself and there has been no greater joy."


-Rosanna W.

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Khatija for going on 5 years now. I was a part of her Hearts Wide Open women’s group for 3 years. When I tell you I do not know how I would have survived and navigated those years without the support of those women and the loving guidance of Ms. Khatija Dadabhoy, I truly and wholeheartedly mean it. 

She is of her purpose at all times and walks it open and giving. Her purpose has allowed her to be the usher to my unfolding of self. She is the best at returning you to you, with a perspective, question, practice, book and/or energy that looks and feels like the air you didn’t know you needed to breathe. Trust her with your open heart, she’s got the tools and the divine walk to help you truly unlearn and relearn self."


-Tamara W.