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Knock. Seek. Beg. – A Repost From Teri Jo Wheeler

I plan on sharing more often with you through this blog in order to post other content I feel is worthwhile and which moves me. On that note, meet my friend Teri Jo Wheeler, a soul coach with a tremendous amount of wisdom and insight. I’m posting her latest blog here because I love the way she shares her journey as a “seeker”. I very much relate, only I consider her further along the path than I at this moment. I might be biased but I think she’s a gem. If you want to learn more about what she does and what soul coaching is all about, check her out at

Knock. Seek. Beg.

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 03/28/13

I have been what some would call a“seeker” for most of my adult life. I wanted to know who I was – not who the world told me I was or wanted me to be – but who I truly was at the core of my being, beyond all belief systems, conditioning and roles. I also deeply desired to know and trust Spirit so I could follow it more closely with an open heart.

Tied in with this was a longing for freedom from the external power game – the “us-verses- them; better-than-less-than; domination-subordination; victim-victor; good guy-bad guy…” duality dance we do so well here on earth.

In my heart, I knew this ‘divide, conquer, control and acquire’ game was the cause of much suffering, but like most humans, I too got tripped up in it along the way. With grace and determination, eventually I found my way to back to higher ground.

Today, I enjoy life more than I ever have. I feel deeply moved (often to tears) by simply being alive and able to witness the beauty and perfection of this world and all its splendor. I reside in this field of Loving Presence often. It is Divine. It is ordinary. It is everywhere. Everyone and everything is Beautiful. Radiant. Alive.

Like so many, I have walked through hell and spent time in purgatory on my way to this heavenly consciousness.

I am a slow learner. A thorough learner. An eager learner. An annoying, ‘sit in the front of class, and continually raise my hand’ learner.

I have no regrets.

In this process, I learned that knocking gets doors opened. Questioning authority ruffles feathers and creates change. Seeking answers finds them. Begging for higher understanding brings it. Persistence pays off.

True seekers eventually become finders.

So… Knock. Seek. Ask. Beg if you have to.

Be Relentless. Committed. Vigilant. Stay the course of your own sacred path. Seek with a sincere and curious heart, and you will find your salvation.

For me it was a long, bumpy, and often lonely road.

And I am not done yet.

I am continually being called to surrender my ways, my will, my comforts, identifications, desires and attachments… all the “my”s of Teri Jo again and again.

I know enough to trust the process now.

Even if part of me still goes in kicking and screaming, we keep climbing the mountain of Light with this giddy, over-the-moon understanding of how much we are loved and led. There is unlimited support, guidance and wisdom available to each of us for the sincere asking and willingness to follow.

My wish for you is for the courage, strength and faith to keep climbing

Step by precious baby step.

We are worth it.

I will close with a little poem about the journey 🙂

“There is No Better” By Teri Jo Wheeler

There is no “better” than here.

All this work to be better and improve is for the small self.

And there is no small self.

Our real work is to go higher;

And to go higher we must be willing to go deeper.

Deep into the thick murky dark waters of self-loathing and abandonment;

Deep into the fiery hells of self-abuse, addictions, betrayals and denials;

Deep into the massive void of what ifs, and shoulda, coulda, woulda beens.

It is in there, beneath all the failed attempts, lost dreams, broken hearts and neverminds;

Way back, before you put on the pretty masks and donned the cloaks of cool and clever;

Behind all the twisting and trying, contorting and complying, it is there –

The unfettered Glory of who you have always been.

In this depth of being the devoted Soul sits wisely, patiently

waiting for your return home to your own beloved face.

Waiting to remind you…

You have always been good enough

You have always been protected by grace

You have always been held in Love

You have always been led in Wisdom

You have always been Whole and Pure

You have always been worthy of this perfect Now

It is here waiting for you only to ask for the memory

Of your own True Self

So Seek, Knock, Ask, Beg and Plead;

Wish your way home back to yourself.

Sing, Dance, Leap, Crawl and Bleed;

Pray with all your heart to find the way.

Look up high and reach down deep.

Become the Light you already are.


There is no better.

There is only Now.






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