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How Deep Is Your Asking?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Recently something became manifest in my life that I had very much been wanting for a long time. Wanting to the point that it felt like an ache at times. I had been longing to move out of my current living situation and into something that felt more like me. I wanted it for so long for reasons that were sometimes surface level and sometimes because I was convinced I would be happier once I got what I wanted. As I’ve been growing and unfolding inwardly I started to come to an understanding, though, that I could ask for it from a deeper place.

There was nothing wrong with asking for it from where I was and wanting it for reasons such as comfort, aesthetics, and need for space. However, I wasn’t fully lined up with the asking and the desire. When I dug a little deeper and asked from a place that was more tied to my greater purpose and the giving of my gifts, I began to come into alignment with that desire more. I began to understand that living in the new environment I envisioned was actually bigger than just being comfortable or having a nicer space. It was that this new space would allow for my expansion. It would create an opportunity to grow out of my complacency in many areas of my life and open up my creativity. I felt I would blossom and be better able to express my gifts from this space.  So, really it had nothing to do with manifesting a new home and everything to do with manifesting a greater version of myself and growing into the next level of my natural evolution.

When we inquire a little more into why we want the things and experiences that we do, we can begin to ask if the having of it is the highest expression of ourselves. We can ask for what is in line with our highest purpose and expression and know that we allow the highest version of ourselves to come forward in the manifesting of it. Many times what manifests is even greater than we imagined when we come from this place.

Why then do we not get what we want at times? Well, sometimes we don’t get what we want because it does not serve the highest expression of Creator energy in our life. It would not serve the expansion of our lives or reflect our true and great nature. We sometimes are not in touch with that greatness and we want for things that reflect a smaller or more watered down version of ourselves. Luckily for us, the Universe knows us better than we sometimes know ourselves and when we get in line with that version of us, the greater manifestation comes.

Getting what we want for the pure pleasure of it is great, but there are times to ask for something greater in purpose – that the having of it will aid us in the creation and growth and expansion of ourselves, and the giving of our gifts to the world. When manifestation happens from this place it is far more fulfilling and sustaining. So, how deep is your asking?

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