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Exercise Your Power To Choose! Create Consciously!

You are consciousness.  Consciousness creates reality. Consciousness implies choice which implies we have the power to choose what reality we create on an individual and global level.

We are all consciousness and that truth of who we are is unchangeable. Its essence is awareness, as I understand it, and so it’s the observer in us all. The one who is watching the story of our life unfold and the one who is aware that we are thinking and experiencing. It’s the part of us that is connected to God and is not a part of the human drama, but it observes the human drama. We, as consciousness, can choose where to focus our observation and thus create our reality.

In quantum physics there is a concept called the observer effect which states that when there is a conscious observer then waves of possibility and potential collapse and condense into form and matter. The observer is the creator of that which he sees. If this is true, and all scenarios and possibilities are happening simultaneously, as quantum physics says they are, then past, present, and future are really all happening at once. It’s just a matter of where you’re focusing your awareness. What you focus on collapses and condenses that thought form and brings it into physical being right now. So the future is not some far off intangible thing. It’s already happening because you’re mind doesn’t know you’re only imagining that future. It acts as if what you’re imagining is actually happening. It becomes your reality when you synchronize all of your senses plus thought and emotion in one focused direction.

The reason these concepts fascinate me is because it shows me that nothing we see is a cold hard fact. Our circumstances are so malleable and we are placed in a position of power to create what we experience as our reality. Too bad many of us don’t know that and go around thinking we’re at the mercy of random events that come our way. Or we ruminate (focus our awareness) so much on the negative life circumstance we might find ourselves experiencing in the moment. We assign so much power to it and our focused awareness solidifies it as a reality for us. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t move through our pain or upset, but there is a difference between moving through it consciously and just dwelling in it endlessly.

Most of what we experience as “reality” is really an illusion based on our repeated and focused thought patterns. We all have our own filter and our own perception of “reality.” Have you ever wondered why two people can endure the same hard life circumstances and one comes out shining and successful while the other just can’t seem to overcome it? I’m fairly sure both individuals desire to experience a better reality, so if it’s not desire then what is it?

In my opinion, the answer to this is the answer to bridging the gap between our current reality and the reality we want to create. Its perception and a belief in possibility or an ability to conjure up the feeling of something we’re not actually physically experiencing. When we believe in things we see as being hard truths instead of understanding that nothing we see is real until we focus on it, then there is no possibility and no room to move in any other direction. In other words, we believe we have no choice. We solidify our experience because of the choice we make to focus and believe in it. If we could just understand that the whole experience of this world is an individual illusion for each of us, then we would be free of any hold it has on us and we experience ourselves as the consciousness that we are. Then we see from a broader perspective that we have more choices and can play with it and have fun with creating what we want to experience, much like children do every day.

Quantum physics also tells us there are many possibilities or versions of your life all existing simultaneously. There could be you as the bag lady, you as the CEO, you as the wife and mother, you as the artist, you as the doctor. You get the idea. It’s the possibility you choose to focus your consciousness (feeling and thought + your physical senses) on that is the one which condenses and collapses into physical manifestation.

What this brings up for me is how to harness this creative power we all have and use it for good. If we presuppose that everything I’ve said above is true then why wouldn’t we hold the highest scenario for ourselves and for the world as our point of focused awareness? Why would we limit ourselves and pay attention to things we don’t want with such emotional intensity that we can’t help but get stuck there? (This, by the way, is why I don’t watch much television and never watch the news).

I’m really not sure of the answer to that question or why we as a society are so drawn to negativity, drama and victimhood, but I do know we have the power of choice. That power of choice lies in our knowledge of ourselves as consciousness. Our ability to access that part of us and focus it consciously on what we want to experience as our reality is all about choice. When we exercise this power and consciously choose what lens we will view our lives through, what thoughts we will focus on, how we move through, use and react to our emotions, what energy we will allow in, and what energy we will emit into the world then we see the reflection of those choices in our life experience.

If we are all literally dreaming up our reality individually and collectively, let’s agree to choose the best case scenario we can imagine and the greatest vision we can conjure up. I mean, as long as we’re playing we may as well have the most fun, joy and love we can stand. Take a look today at what you’re focusing on in your reality. If it feels good and you like it, by all means focus on it so you can maintain it and create more.  If it doesn’t feel good you can always choose to change your perception about it, see the good in it, take what you need to learn from it, and then move the focus of your thought and emotion to something better for yourself that you’d like to experience as your reality. Get in there and really experience it in your imagination with all your senses and emotion. Do it consciously so that you create from an awakened place within you, instead of unconsciously creating a lot of unwanted experiences.

It all boils down to choice, in my opinion. You can lose everything, be at the bottom of the bottom, and be staring at a bleak current reality, but one thing no person or situation can ever take away from you is your power to choose. Your power to choose your inner reality in terms of emotion, thought, attitude, perception, awareness, etc is always available to you. How you choose in the realm of your inner reality is the greatest determinant of what is set in motion in your outer reality. Choose wisely and consciously!

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