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Cultivating Miracle-Mindedness…Marianne Williamson and The Law of Divine Compensation

I recently began reading Marianne Williamson’s “The Law of Divine Compensation – On Work, Money, and Miracles.” I have read a lot of Marianne Williamson’s work and have heard her lecture countless times so it’s fair to say that what she teaches resonates with me. Of late, I’ve been very focused on transforming my relationship to money and to my work. I have come to realize a lot about how my core beliefs have impacted my finances and success. It has become time for me to do the work I’d been avoiding in this area. I’m coaching others to shine and it is time for me to do the same in this part of my life.

In this book, Marianne approaches work and money from a foundation of spiritual principles. This is what I know I need in order to shift internally. So, I want to share with you one of the first passages in the book in which she very clearly introduces and explains this relationship. I hope you find it as clear a guide as I have. I am four chapters into this fairly short book so I may share more insights gained as I move through the rest of the book. Let me know what you think.

Every thought is a cause that produces an effect. According to A Course in Miracles, every thought we think creates form on some level. If your mind is in a loving place-if your thoughts are of a high, divine vibration-your experience will reflect that. If your mind is in a  fearful place-if your thoughts are of a lower, dense vibration-your experience will reflect that. The way to change the nature of your experience is to change the nature of your thoughts.

Seeking to solve a problem merely on the level of effect is not a true solution but only a temporary fix. Only when we address the level of cause-the thoughts that caused the original deviation from love-do we produce miraculous and fundamental results. By remembering what is real while in the presence of the unreal, we miraculously transform a problem on the level of its cause. A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love-from a belief in what is not real, to faith in that which is. That shift in perception changes everything.

In our ability to think about something differently lies the power to make it different. Miraculous thinking does not represent a state of denial, at least not in the traditional sense. It doesn’t represent the magical thinking of simply looking away from something horrible and pretending it doesn’t exist. If anything, it is a state of positive denial: looking at something and knowing that since only love is ultimately real, nothing else has ultimate effect. The miracle-worker does not look away from the illusions of the mortal world but rather looks through them, thus invoking a world that lies beyond. This book is not about denying our economic problems; it’s about transcending them. It’s about realizing that illusions-no matter how entrenched they might be within the three-dimensional world-cannot stand in the presence of love.

Through the authority of loving thought, we are given the power to turn any situation that is not love back into love, starting with thinking about it differently. We do this by identifying our own lovelessness and being willing to let it go. Thinking this way-which is sometimes easy, sometimes not-is the mental habit of the “miracle-minded.”

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