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Confusion Is An Invitation

Sometimes in our confusion, we see not the world as it is, but the world though eyes blurred by the mind.” – Unknown

Confusion is an invitation to be still. Doing something in the midst of confusion can often have an outcome we don’t want to experience. Confusion is best friends with the monkey mind, often informed by that endless chatter in your head which leaves you feeling crazy. When you don’t know which way to go or what action to take or how to make sense of what is going or showing up in your life you spend a lot of time in confusion. Confusion is also the byproduct of fear and anxiety. Who ever made a good decision from that foundation? I know I usually don’t. In my experience, it is usually an emotionally based decision made in the heat of the moment. Knowing, as I do, that emotions have a temporal quality this decision will usually involve a change of mind with time or a sense of regret.

So, when we’re in a state of confusion what is the best approach? Take time to be still and ask high level questions of yourself. Take time to cultivate your connection to Source because a decision grounded in that connection will always be informed from a sense of your highest good. When you take that time to be still, you are able to listen to your deeper knowing which you can’t access in the midst of a circumstance which is bringing up fear and anxiety. That may mean taking a self-imposed time out from the situation or from people connected to the situation.

What kind of high level questions can you ask yourself during this time of getting still and making yourself available to clarity? Here are some you might consider:

  1. What is my highest intention for myself? (mine is inner freedom)

  2. What is my desired experience in this situation?

  3. Which decision would reflect my highest intention and my desired experience?

  4. What am I not being honest with myself about and what am I practicing denial about?

  5. If I were to be completely honest with myself, what decision would I make?

  6. How can I shift my consciousness to see my circumstance through the eyes of the Divine and perceive the sacredness in it all?

  7. If I did see my circumstance through the eyes of the Divine, in what way would I find that this very circumstance is causing me to grow beyond a smaller version of myself and expand into a greater experience of myself?

  8. Am I being led by my soul or by my ego?

Contemplating this level of questioning in a still space connected to Source, the highest aspect of ourselves, will reveal a path to the clarity you seek. It’s also helpful to remember that no decision is ever a “wrong” decision as all paths lead to the same place.

These are the questions I’m currently asking myself around a circumstance in my own life. If you’re in the midst of some confusion, I invite you to join me and open to the clarity and understanding you need.


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