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Be Still

Be still. Be still. Be still. Don’t take action. Don’t fix. Don’t push energy outward with movement in some direction that is needless or not in harmony with the highest good of all involved. This is the guidance I’m getting now. But I get scared and in my panic I think I need to find solutions and take action and it’s usually coming from emotional reaction. What’s inherently flawed in that approach is that emotions come and go and what you felt yesterday while you were all worked up isn’t what you probably feel today.  If you took action at the height of your emotional turmoil just to ease it or make it go away, it was most likely ineffective action or action energetically moving toward what you don’t want. We don’t always remember that not only is so much of what we experience temporary but sometimes actions we take from those temporary states can have very unwanted outcomes.

So, be still. Don’t move. Sit. Breathe. Meditate. Ask. Listen. Listen deeply. You’ll find a knowing deep in there about whatever you’re going through that will bring forth an answer to exactly what you need to do, if anything. Don’t do it by yourself. Get connected to the place within you that isn’t lost in temporary emotions and upset. Do it in the midst of scary moments. Ask for help. Don’t forget in that moment of fear that you are still always guided and always helped. In those moments of fear, don’t be misled by the idea that it is up to you to get yourself out of whatever you’re in or that you are on your own. Stop and ask for help and you will get it.

Last night, my daughters and I had a very long and scary moment in which we weren’t sure what action to take to help ourselves. All of our hearts were racing and panic and fear were taking over our nervous system. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt deep down to just sit and not take action. I was also fortunate to have my good friend, Jackie, with me who remembered that we needed to ask God/The Universe for help so we all asked together and we sat and we listened and we waited. We breathed and we sent loving energy in the direction of what was scaring us. Soon, something happened and our solution showed up in the form of police officers at our door, who we didn’t call, and the thing we didn’t know how to fix got taken care of for us.

I learned an enormous lesson in giving up my need to do things on my own. The Universe wants to help us in every way if we would just allow it. My friend later told me that she felt compelled to come to my house last night to be with us and she realized later that it was so she could be there with us through the ordeal. She listened deeply without question because she’s good at doing that, and I’m grateful for her ability to do so. It is interesting to note as well that when she first asked if I needed her to come over and help on a completely different matter, I drafted a text to her saying that she didn’t need to and I would be okay. But then something compelled me to erase it and just tell her it would be great if she came over. Then there we were finding ourselves in the midst of an unexpected and scary situation, the details of which are not nearly as important (or scary) as what we all gained and learned from it.

Everything is so perfectly orchestrated that it is awe-inspiring when the total realization of it hits me. I am not saying things always magically get taken care of, but sometimes they do. And then sometimes it is a guidance or an indication or a directive that you get when you access that space. Either way you will be led to the solution or it will be led to you. The point is, don’t do things on your own when you have access to all the power of the Universe.

So be still, because if you’re not you might miss the awe and perfection of the Universe in all its glory conspiring on your behalf. You will miss being available to all the answers, solutions, and guidance. It is you who is not seeing how the Universe is working for you by jumping in to do the work yourself without consulting your deeper knowing first.

So be still and let life access you, live through you, and provide for you every answer you need.

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