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Wedding Services

Wedding services include premarital counseling sessions, ceremony planning, and ceremony officiation.

Having Khatija as our officiant was so special. We didn’t want a religious or “traditional”ceremony, but we did want something unique to us and she helped us achieve that beautifully. We also did premarital counseling with her that helped us map out our values, our goals in life and how we would like to handle conflict when it arises. This was our first time doing any type of counseling together and not only did it help us with our future but it helped us understand each other on a deeper level and really solidified what this marriage was going to mean to us. Khatija took this information about us and created a ceremony that embodied our personalities, our love, our families and our cultural backgrounds beautifully. She helped us honor our ancestors and our mothers in the most perfect way. She even helped us come up with the idea to have a nondenominational rosary made. She helped us down to little details that we never would have thought of but made the day run so smoothly. Khatija delivered our ceremony with so much love and intention (the way she does most things) and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. 
-Julie and Carlos Altamirano

Premarital Counseling

2-3 sessions depending on needs and concerns. The goal is to equip you for the greatest possibility of success in your marriage. We will explore shared values and vision, strengths of each partner, strengths of the relationship and areas of improvement , agreements, tools, and relational skills. This is a chance to also explore longstanding issues and work toward resolution before marriage.


Ceremony Planning

1-2 meetings to explore creating just the right ceremony for you. We discover what the most important components are for you and how we will specifically execute those desires to make them come to life. I will create a script that you'll be able to review. This is a collaboration so I can deliver the unique ceremony of your dreams.


Ceremony Officiation

Before your special day, I'll be there to walk through the rehearsal with you, work in coordination with your planner if you have one, and help you take care of any details for the ceremony. On your special day, I will bring to life the vision that you've created to celebrate your love and union in the greatest way! 

I am a minister ordained through Universal Life Church Ministries, a non-denominational, all-inclusive community.

Book a Discovery Call

Book a free discovery call to find out more, and to explore how we might collaborate on creating your unique wedding experience.

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