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The Way of the Liberated Heart

An immersive Experience

This three month program dives into healing unresolved issues and expanding through the heart. A chance to explore and discover yourself through the lens of your life experiences, your emotional body, mental/behavioral patterns, and spiritual understanding. We'll use the heart's path, intelligence, and understanding to navigate and transmute our pain into magic. This journey combines teaching, practice, counseling and coaching to address individual issues. 


Who is this program for?

  • Someone starting out on their path of self discovery, transformation, and healing looking for a safe place to begin the work with a guide. 

  • Someone who has done some work on their own and would like more structured guidance, support, and help to go deeper and to make connections through a spirit based approach to healing work.

  • Someone committed to diving into this internal work in order to become liberated.

  • Someone who is good at working on their own in between sessions and will stay committed to their process during that time.

  • Someone who would like to learn tools and practices to support their personal healing.

  • Someone who is ready to get honest, get real, and face the unresolved issues holding them back from experiencing themselves and life the way they would like.

  • Someone who is willing to learn how to be uncomfortable if it means they will heal and become whole.

  • Someone who is feeling the call to work with unresolved trauma.

  • Someone who would like to gain a relationship with themselves emotionally and practice mastery in this area.

  • Someone who is interested in divination, tarot, astrology, general metaphysical psychology and spiritual technologies that aid in healing and raising individual and collective frequency. 

What to expect:

  • Month 1: Reconnecting and re-establishing relationship to the self through exploring the past, unresolved trauma, and emotions. Learning to understand our own nervous system and how to bring it into balance and resilience.

  • Month 2: Understanding, processing, and changing unhealthy and limiting mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns from the past that live on in the present. This includes subconscious patterns/programs and shadow exploration/integration.

  • Month 3: Understanding and getting to know the self spiritually, beyond the past and story/identity in order to vision a new life experience as the authentic integrated repaired self. Exploring post traumatic growth (how to mine our experiences for the gold they offer and how we’ll put that treasure to use), unlocking joy and tapping into a vision for life moving forward.

  • Weekly meetings.

  • Additional support and guidance via text and email between sessions.

  • Astrological guidance and Tarot/Intuitive guidance used throughout the program.

  • Support via the Healy bioenergetic frequency device. 

  • Opportunities to learn and practice specific modalities for healing.

  • A spirit based metaphysical approach to healing within the human experience. 

  • At home practice and inner work in between sessions.


This program has helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my subconscious patterns/ habits that were no longer serving me. Most importantly, it has given me the tools that I need to continue my healing journey. As a result, I have gained a level of confidence and self worth that I never thought I could achieve. It has truly awakened my spirit and reconnected me with the power and love that was always within me.


I really felt the use of tarot and astrology in the program was very helpful and effective in opening up more of a dialogue which helped lead to a deeper self awareness.


If getting back to basics, identifying unhealthy thought patterns, breaking cycles, growth and healing was a program…this is it! I learned to get back to myself and my body, witness my emotions and thought patterns and be more of an active participant in my life’s journey. I completed the program more self aware and with a new level of understanding which also helped me become more self confidant. Forever grateful for you Khatija and your work!

-Tiana S.

First, I just want to say that I am so thankful for this program and my time with Khatija. This program gave me great insight about how to start the journey of healing and honoring my inner child. It also helped me understand and move past painful occurrences in my childhood that had up to this point kept me stuck. For the first time in my life; I feel free.


I felt that all the tools and resources shared during our time together were effective. However, one of the most effective and unexpected things I learned was how my body and emotions are connected.


Khatija is amazing!!!

-Keeonna H


Before the program, my intention was to do work to re-align my body, mind, spirt and embarking on the way of the liberated heart definitely supported that intention. I also wanted to work on some childhood and shadow work and was also able to address that in the program. I feel more at ease, at peace, grounded, and excited for what lies ahead.

The weekly homework kept me accountable. The thorough examples and questions were also very helpful. Offering several methods to engage with the work also made it accessible.


t was incredible to work with Khatija! As a single mother with an immigrant family, I felt witnessed and understood in ways I haven't been able to be with previous coaches and therapists. Thank you!




I had a really deep and challenging experience in the group, and I use the word challenging in a very positive way because I know I really was forced to encounter, to become aware, and to challenge my existing core beliefs in ways that I hadn't before. I knew that I was really gaining (growing!) a lot through this self-examination because I was feeling so much discomfort. The experience brought up a lot of really deeply repressed emotions and experiences that I just had done a really good job of not engaging with before! I think that's where I really got a lot of help - support, guidance, and care - in this program. What I have gained is a deeper awareness of myself and my depth as a being. I am able to look at myself differently. I see myself with so much more compassion...I have shifted from judging myself by my past experiences, toward being better able to see myself as someone who is growing and blooming and blossoming and becoming, always in the state of becoming. This for me is a deeply important shift that I experienced as a direct result of my participation in this program. After decades of running away from myself, my emotions and feelings, I've learned how to sit with myself, my emotions, everything I am feeling in my heart, and it's opened me up... to myself. I've also learned and developed my own tools to continue taking this forward, and I've developed an excitement and curiosity about myself and to carry on this work! I've learned that I'm so deep. And it's so beautiful. 

I really enjoyed working with you, Khatija as you you bring so much knowledge, but you also bring a way of being in touch with yourself emotionally that is really heartfelt and really inspiring. I learned a lot from you by just observing you. In many ways, you model ways of being - being honest, being heartfelt, being reflective - that really really deeply inspire me. So I had a really great experience working with you. I really felt like I could be open about what I was struggling with, I really felt like you deeply cared about me and were equally invested in my growth and in my personal spiritual development. And so I think that was really touching and really important for me. Thank you!!

-Victoria O

A huge takeaway was the idea of feeling and processing my feelings. It seems like something that should be obvious, but I was definitely living life stuffing all the feelings down and then exploding more often than I ever wanted to. After three months of doing this work I now feel more present, authentic, and calm - more than I ever have in my life.

This is my first time participating in any type of healing/therapy, individual or group setting. I found the group setting to be really important and helpful. There was always something that I could relate to as others were sharing and this helped me to feel a little less alone in my journey and lived experiences.

Khatija is so supportive, insightful, supportive, experienced, empathetic, available, and was so generous with what she knows and shared. Working with her has changed my life and therefore my family’s life. As a result of working with and learning from her I am able to be more present, I’ve learned how to process anything that comes up in a healthy way, and I’m experiencing positive emotions in a more authentic way. Working with Khatija has been so transformative to me that it’s really hard to put it into words - it’s like an answer to my prayers.

-Paige A

This group has helped to facilitate major transformation with Khatija’s suggested techniques for transmutation. Really nice to have a program that approaches wellness from a mind, body, and spirit perspective and also nice to have real life tools to make actual differences in ways of being.

-Maya J

I enjoyed this program thoroughly and learned a lot about myself and the other participants. I enjoyed the meditation and tarot readings and found the messaging of those components to be so resonant, including the power of the visual images. I'm returning to the tarot cards again and again for reminders/guidance as I proceed forward. I learned a lot of new words in my vocabulary of self assessment (transmutation, integration, soul journey, Source Energy, etc). Also enjoyed learning more about Astrology and it was great fun to learn more about my various signs, etc. My self awareness has grown over the last three months to see the power of choice to pursue a more conscious deliberate path to the outcome I wish to achieve. Thank you so much Khatija for such an enriching and rewarding experience! 

Khatija possesses a lovely talent for facilitating group work and discussion. She brings a firm, friendly and confident style to the group dynamic which I really appreciated. Khatija is always organized and prepared to guide the discussion, keeping us in focus and on task. Under Khatija's expert skills as a facilitator, this highly insightful, bright and diverse group was able to navigate a complex and multi-dimensional curriculum in an open, honest manner. Thank you!

-Elaine C








If you'd like to ask any questions about the program, please email

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