The Way of the Liberated Heart

A Group Experience

Begins February 2021

This three month group program dives into healing unresolved issues and expanding through the heart. A chance to explore and discover yourself through the lens of your life experiences, your emotional body, mental/behavioral patterns, and spiritual understanding. We'll use the heart's path, intelligence, and understanding to navigate and transmute our pain into magic. This journey combines teaching, practice, group work, and coaching to address individual issues. 

Fee: $200 per month, $600 total

Who is this group for?

  • Someone starting out on their path of self discovery, transformation, and healing looking for a safe place to begin the work with a guide. 

  • Someone who has done some work on their own and would like more structured guidance, the support of others, and help with making connections through a spirit based approach to healing work.

  • Someone who has been thinking of working with a counselor or coach and is in need of a more affordable means to do this.

  • Someone committed to diving into this work who would like the group experience of bonding, sharing, learning from, and supporting one another.

  • Someone who is good at working on their own in between sessions and will stay committed to their process during that time.

  • Someone who would like to learn tools and practices to support their personal healing.

  • Someone who is ready to get honest, get real, and face the unresolved issues holding them back from experiencing themselves and life the way they would like.

  • Someone who is willing to learn how to be uncomfortable if it means they will heal and become whole.

  • Someone who is feeling the call to work with unresolved trauma.

  • Someone who would like to gain a relationship with themselves emotionally and practice mastery in this area.

  • Someone who is interested in divination, tarot, astrology, general metaphysical psychology and spiritual technologies that aid in healing and raising individual and collective frequency. 

What to expect:

  • Month 1: Reconnecting and re-establishing relationship to the self through exploring the past, unresolved trauma, and emotions.

  • Month 2: Understanding, processing, and changing unhealthy and limiting mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns from the past that live on in the present.

  • Month 3: Understanding and getting to know the self spiritually, beyond the past and story/identity in order to vision a new life experience as the authentic integrated repaired self.

  • Weekly Saturday meetings 11am-1pm Pacific. Note: sessions may run longer.

  • Online community group via The Mighty Network to share and facilitate a supportive, cohesive group experience between sessions.

  • Opportunity for individual guidance on specific issues with Khatija.

  • Opportunities to learn and practice specific modalities for healing.

  • A spirit based metaphysical approach to healing within the human experience. 

  • At home practice and inner work in between sessions.

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You can sign up by completing this REGISTRATION FORM and then using the button below to pay the first month ($200) of the program. You will be automatically billed monthly thereafter for a total of three payments. You MUST complete the registration form PRIOR to payment. Once you receive a confirmation email, you are in!


If you'd like to ask any questions about the program, please email

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