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Hearts Wide Open

This is our calling. To live with our hearts wide open. To be sparked into our own personal revolution, often through the experience of emotional trauma, loss and pain. Our trauma can be the doorway through which we meet ourselves, liberate ourselves and move beyond our narrow perceptions. We can be led into deeper love, openness, and connection. It can be the path to a heart wide open and fully engaged with Life.

Until we’ve engaged the past through our stories of trauma, loss, and pain, we can’t move beyond allowing them to define us. Until we’ve developed a relationship with ourselves through the felt experience of meeting our pain and processing emotions can we relate to and connect with others through our hearts. Until we’ve taken the time to really discover what is happening in our inner worlds and what has brought us to our current condition can we create new programming and healthy patterns of behavior. 


This is how we use our painful stories to fuel an inner revolution that utterly transforms our entire experience and relationship to Life. What if we then used our stories to reconnect to the hearts of others and participate in their healing as well? Then we'd understand that the collective heart heals as we heal individually. 





And I believe in the power of the heart, a wide open heart.  When we do the work of connecting to and living in our hearts, then we are affecting and changing everything at an unseen level. This is the most potent work we can do!

I am fascinated by the relationship between science and spirituality. I am a believer that we can learn to heal and rewire our internal experience and greatly influence our external experience. I know that all people really need are the tools to connect to themselves again and to learn how to allow themselves to be changed by their experiences in order to see their lives change.

I love stories and have always found myself drawn to and fascinated by the many stories that weave together the human experience. What connects me most to those I meet on this journey are the stories of trauma, challenge, triumph and pain which have also set me on my own course of healing. I've been walking the same path of trauma repair and growth that many I serve are also walking. I’ve also always been a seeker and along the way I’ve gained so many insights, understandings, and tools. I know what it’s like to be at the lowest point and feel everything crumbling. I’ve lost and I’ve rebuilt and I did that work from the inside out.

I hold an MA in Counseling, and have over 25 years of experience in the field. I'm also trained in trauma healing work, energy healing modalities such as Reiki, HeartMath, and spiritual divination and healing. My personal path of healing, self-growth, and spiritual awakening has made my work even richer and more effective.  I’m committed to being a powerful avenue to helping others heal, through my own inner work and through guiding others on their unique journey of heart liberation.

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