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Writing My Heart Open

A Writing for Healing Course & Community

Facilitated by Khatija Dadabhoy


Enrollment is now open.

This 9 week guided course begins

Monday, March 6, 2023

This course is an exploration into our stories of trauma and unresolved pain with a focus on creating somatic awareness and safety in the body. Opening the door to our unresolved trauma and pain is really necessary and sometimes overwhelming. With guidance, practical tools, and a process of inquiry we can navigate that exploration more effectively. This guided process, using the Writing My Heart Open journal and guidebook, is designed to provide what is crucial to healing and repair in a holistic way.

This course will be held via Zoom, and sessions will be recorded for those that cannot make it live.

The Journey

Week 1: Introducing the material and the process as well as getting to know each other in community.

Week 2: Meeting the Self and Discovering Safety. We start our journey with light exploration of ourselves and discovering the energetic signature of safety as we create a safe container to do deeper and more challenging work.

Week 3: Establishing Safety and Coming into the Body. We often lose connection with our bodies as pain and trauma cause us to dissociate or feel unsafe in our own internal space. We begin reestablishing a safe connection to our bodies through somatic awareness and dialogue so that we can feel again.

Week 4: Getting to Know Our Emotional Selves. Feeling is the gateway to liberation and keeps the energy channels flowing freely. Here we get to know what our emotions are trying to clue us into and we practice feeling emotions in our bodies.

Week 5: Entering the Story. The work we do in the previous weeks sets us up to safely enter into our stories and go through the often times challenging process of remembering and recounting.

Week 6: Exploring the Shattered Pieces. The work becomes deeper this week as we examine and delve into the nuances of the stories our bodies, hearts, and minds are holding.

Week 7: Seeing From Different Angles. Here we get to change our vantage point and experiment with seeing our experiences in different ways. It is an opportunity for reinterpretation that lends itself to resolution and healing.

Week 8: What I’m Taking With Me. This is the descent from the mountain where we look back and see what growth has occurred and what good we’d like to take with us from our journeys. We look at how often painful experiences can be positive transformative agents.

Week 9: Where Do I Grow From Here. The last week is all about post traumatic growth and blossoming. It is a chance to connect to our intuition, vision what is next for us,  and access higher emotional states such as joy and play. It is where we see what it is like to come home to ourselves after a long journey.


I'm Khatija and I'm a counselor and personal coach whose focus is on leading others back into relationship with themselves on every level. I have over 25 years experience serving others in this capacity and also have a lifetime of personal inner work I draw from. I have a deep interest in spirituality, quantum physics, understanding and repairing trauma, heart coherence work, and working with our shadow. I believe the heart is our next frontier for evolution in consciousness. 



Do you:

  • Feel you’re stuck in looping patterns and stories from your past?

  • Find yourself replaying experiences and emotions of past pain?

  • Find it hard to be in your body with your emotions?

  • Feel unsafe in exploring your emotions and trauma?

  • Experience a dysregulated nervous system?

  • Find it difficult to see a vision for your life beyond the pain and trauma?

Throughout the course you will:

  • Explore your relationship to safety and to the emotional body

  • Learn practices and tools for connecting to safety, somatically experiencing emotions, and processing/transmuting emotional energy.

  • Tell your stories of pain and trauma through a variety of prompts.

  • Explore your stories from different perspectives.

  • Consider what your experiences have offered you and how they have contributed to your growth.

  • Explore post traumatic growth and a vision for your life moving forward.

Are you ready to…

Get into relationship to your body and emotions to facilitate healing?

Learn how to access a sense of safety within?

Process your held pain and trauma?

Experience more freedom internally?

Explore how to reinterpret the events of your life?

Finally see a vision for your life beyond the identities created by trauma?

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