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What’s Your Story?

Is the story you tell about yourself and your life a loving and uplifting one? I love a good story and I love to hear other people’s stories. I mean that’s why we go to the movies or read a good book. We live vicariously, we relate to something in the story. The thing to remember is that just like the movie or the book, the story that is our life is created through someone’s perception. In this case, it’s our own perception. If the lens by which we view our life is filtered with self-loathing and victimization, then the story we tell about ourselves is always from that point of view. The downside of this is most often that story does not have a happy ending. But if the lens by which we view our life is filtered with self-love and trust in the divine goodness that we are and which permeates our life, then the story we tell about ourselves is an empowering one. This story always has a happy ending. What is so beautiful about this life is that we have the power to create a new story that changes us and our life for the better.

If you’re not sure what story you tell about yourself all you have to do is look at the circumstances of your life in any given area. Then back track from the circumstance to the thoughts that consistently run through your mind in relation to it and you’ve uncovered your story. You can even trace that story back and see how it has been a thread through your entire life. It most likely started somewhere in your childhood as you made an attempt to make sense of what was happening in your life to you and to those you love. For instance, you might wonder why you just can’t seem to get yourself into a better financial position. You’re always struggling financially, working really hard and not making much money. If you do make money, it seems to go just as fast as it came. If you take this circumstance and begin uncovering your thoughts or beliefs in relation to money, you will probably find a very disempowering story about money. You might have a story about money that goes something like, “money is hard to come by and you have to struggle just to make a little.” You could even go further with that and find that you actually believe that life is a struggle all the way around. Where did the story come from? It may have come from watching your parents struggle to make a little bit of money or your parents always saying how hard things are financially and how money is so hard to come by. As children, we absorb those messages and make them our truth. It’s how we learn about life: mom and dad struggle and say that money is really hard to come by so that must be how life is. Even if we’ve been telling ourselves this type of disempowering story all of our lives, as adults we are capable of consciously creating a new story that empowers us. We get to rewrite the story that isn’t working for us.

How is the story, which is just your programmed way of thinking or looking at the world, connected to the actual circumstances in your life? Well, that story or program is running in your subconscious, the part of you that is on auto-pilot. It’s the part of you that can drive the same route to work every day without every consciously thinking about how to get there. You end up there but don’t even remember the drive. That route is so programmed it has become automatic. So, those programs we’ve got lodged in our subconscious cause us to attract into our life the circumstances that confirm them. We believe we’re unwanted and we end up chasing people for love who don’t return the feelings or are uninterested in us romantically. That’s our story playing itself out on the stage that is our life.

Your thoughts, the beliefs that are programmed into your subconscious, actually have an energetic vibration or feeling as well as the capacity to create and attract things that vibrate at the same energetic level. In other words positive thoughts create a feeling of happiness which attracts into your life those things that resonate with happiness or joy or love. The same goes for negative thoughts that create a feeling of worry, fear, or anxiety. You will see things show up in your life that resonate with the energy of those feelings. Because so much of the story or programs were created at a young age, we end up as adults who can’t understand why things are not working out for us. It’s because we don’t even know we’re running that story.

Uncovering those subconscious beliefs or programs and bringing them to light in your awareness gives you the opportunity to rewrite the program. It’s an opportunity to create a new story and when the new story is now the set point in your subconscious you begin to see the reflection of it in your life circumstance. Becoming aware is the first step. Listen to the thoughts you think all day long, listen to the words that automatically come out of your mouth and you will start to uncover the story that is running your life. Is it a story where you play the victim, the hero, the lucky in love protagonist or maybe the poor and struggling artist? The thing to remember is that the true story about us resonates with love, joy, happiness and peace. This story is the one we need to connect to because it’s the story of us as divine beings who came here to express more of our divine nature and shine the light of love into the world. The more we can clear the limiting stories and let the true story emerge, the more we can live as who we were absolutely meant to be and the more we have to contribute.

So, what’s your story? Is it an empowering one that creates what you want to see and experience in life? If not, are you ready to rewrite it? It may mean uncovering some of the ugly stuff in your life you may not want to look at in order to process and release the old story, making room for a new one.

The story I’m working to rewrite now is one that has been running all my life and has permeated most of my life experience.  In my story, I show up as the invisible woman.  Ha! What an oxymoron! How do you show up as the invisible woman and actually participate in life? This story worked really well for me as a child growing up in a home where being invisible equaled safety. The less you were noticed, the more you had a chance to escape the wrath of an angry and very punitive father. So, I learned early on to not cause a fuss or draw attention to myself as the best way to be in order to survive. This would be all well and good except that the life that was burning to be expressed through me wasn’t able to as I got older. It created feelings of unworthiness and separation within me, of feeling totally alone in the world. Because I felt that way, I seemed to always find myself in relationships and circumstances where going along with someone else’s program felt easier, and where being ignored, overlooked and placed low on the list of priorities felt really normal and familiar. It’s also the story that, even a couple of years ago, would have kept me from writing this blog and putting myself out there in a way that would draw attention in my direction. So, writing this blog is part of how I heal, rewrite my story and create a new, more authentic, and greater life experience. I have to create a new and then familiar groove in my subconscious where being seen and putting myself out there is the new comfortable for me. I’m on my way!

So, how will you rewrite your story and break free from its limitations? I’d love it if you used this space to share the story you’d like to rewrite. If you need assistance in uncovering your story or how to release it, please feel free to connect with me so I can serve you in that process.

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