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What Personal Truths Are You Living By? Make Them Empowering Ones!

What is your personal truth? What have you discovered through this experience called life that you have assembled as the personal truth you live by? What we move through along the course of our lives allows us to collect a set of standards we vow to live by whether we know it or not. They can be empowering truths that we embrace which are based in love for ourselves or they can be protective notions that we use to guard ourselves out of fear. If you just take a look through your life and see how each experience was interpreted by you, you’ll see that you’ve been living by whatever conclusion you came to and have applied it to your life. Your life lessons turn into personal truths so hopefully you’re learning them and using them to expand instead of misinterpreting them as reasons to fear life more.

I’ve become better and better about living by personal truths that stand in self-power and self-love. I’ve lived a varied and full life thus far so I have a lot to work with here.  I really feel that at this stage of life I have turned what I’ve learned into personal truths that I strive to live from and express from. My overarching personal truth now is that my life is lived from the inside out and not the other way around. I thought for the longest time that if I could make certain things happen in my life then I would be happy inside and finally feel good about myself. I learned this one the hardest way. Whenever I did get what I thought would make me feel better inside I just showed up as the same person I was so it went to hell anyway, and then because I relied on it to feel good, I was left in a crumpled heap on the floor. Not fun. So, now I know this to be true, that we create our lives from the inside out, creating an inner experience of love and getting into alignment with happiness inside to bring our best selves to every experience and desire we have. It’s foolproof for staying in your happiness no matter what happens when life ebbs and flows as it does.

Some of my other personal truths that fall under this umbrella of living from the inside out are:

  1. Believe in what you feel in your heart to be true for you even if others that you value tell you differently.

  2. Live out loud and when you want to shrink out of fear of looking foolish, don’t. Experience life fully.

  3. Most fears that have nothing to do with physical survival are lies you used to keep from fully living. Use those fears as a barometer telling you what to do. If you fear doing it, you should probably do it.

  4. Don’t hold back. Share yourself and do your best to connect with the love in everyone. When you can’t, love them from afar as long as they are unable to remember who they truly are (Love).

  5. Keep striving to forgive everyone you hold anything against, particularly and most importantly, yourself. Forgiveness=Freedom. By the way, God isn’t forgiving anyone because God knows there’s nothing to forgive. We’re all having a human experience so when you can see through God’s eyes you see the innocence in everyone. (I might have a bit of a ways to go to master this one…haha).

  6. Whenever you feel like contracting your heart in anger, fear, jealousy or any other emotions that cause you to close up, try expanding your heart instead and allow everything to just move through you.

  7. Let all of your stuff come up to get healed and released. Free yourself always.

  8. FREEDOM above all else. Inner freedom is the only real freedom there is.

  9. Don’t fight with life. It’s the cause of all of your pain. Accept and allow instead.

  10. You are more powerful than you can imagine. You are this powerful because you come from the One Power, the One Life that we are all expressions of. All the power, help, guidance, wisdom you need is inside of you. Someone can help you discover it or express it but it is and comes from inside of you.

  11. Change or transformation is often painful and uncomfortable while it’s happening. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because growth and expansion and evolving into a greater version of yourself can only happen through change.

  12. It is better to say no and to honor yourself and your true feelings than to say yes and chip away at your sense of integrity and self-esteem by doing something that goes against your heart and higher wisdom.

There are more but I feel like this is a pretty good list that helps me keep focused on my inner work and growth. I work to master these daily because I have seen and experienced how they benefit me. They were all conclusions that came out of painfully learning what doesn’t work and what isn’t good for me. In my opinion, they are Truths. Coming to conclusions that you should close your heart because you got hurt or to never trust men because the ones you were involved with lied to you are not Truths. They are conclusions you came to, yes, but they are based in fear and are lies that keep you from living your Truth.

So, I invite you today to search your life for the empowering gems of Truth you can collect as a guide to living from love of yourself. I’d love to hear what personal truths you’ve gathered along the way that you live by and uplift you, if you’d like to share by leaving a comment.

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