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What Lies Beyond Survival…

What would you do if your survival were not an issue?

I heard this question while listening to Neale Donald Walsch speak on a radio show recently, and it really struck a chord with me. When he asked this question, I imagine he was speaking on a more global scale but it got me thinking about my own life. What would I do if my survival were not an issue? I’m not talking about financial or physical survival only. I’m also talking about survival in the emotional and psychological sense. Even with all of the deeper spiritual understanding I now have, I still spend a lot of time in this thought paradigm. I suspect most of us do. That’s why there is so much doing, so much competition, conflict, war, fear, etc. So, I felt on a very deep level how important this question really is.

If we really understood our nature as an extension of Source energy (God), then we would understand that how God experiences itself is how we are also meant to experience ourselves. Does it experience itself as needing to worry and fret over how it will be taken care of or how all the things on today’s to do list will get done? I really don’t think so. I believe God experiences itself always as whole and complete, nothing missing, nothing to do but be more of itself, powerful, and not in need or lacking anything. If we really are an extension of this experience of God, then we are all of these things as well and this is our true nature.

Why not just make this assumption and live from a set point of never worrying about our own survival, as individuals, as nations, as a species? I’m sure it’s the result of a number of factors to do with our primitive brain and how it calibrates our nervous system to react as though our survival is at stake even though we don’t encounter the same dangers that primitive man did.  Maybe it’s to do with our ego, or that part of us that operates from fear and limited thinking. I’m sure it may be even more than that. The truth is it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we have the opportunity to see through the illusion that our survival is at stake.

I know there may be some of you saying, “but there really are dangers in the world where my survival is at stake.” I’m not discounting that there are situations in the physical world that warrant our survival instincts kicking in. I’m saying that we’ve applied those limited instances to a much broader realm of life experiences, and I’m also saying there is a deeper truth about our existence in which we can never be destroyed or harmed.

So ask yourself what you would do if your survival were not an issue. How would you show up in the world? How would you experience your life? How would you spend your days?

As for me, if I never worried a day of my life how I would be taken care of, and if I really understood that life is eternal so my survival is never at stake, I would be living from a space of complete confidence and trust. I would be far more forgiving, knowing that, truthfully, no one can ever really harm me and everything is always happening to compel me further and deeper into knowing my Self. I would argue with others and with life a lot less because I wouldn’t experience myself as being attacked or in need of defending my point of view, ideas or beliefs.

I would not be so hung up on following rules out of fear, and instead follow my heart’s truth. I would open my mouth and let God speak and I would listen to my heart’s guidance and follow it with right action that may not fall into those societal rules or norms.

I would dream bigger and really say YES to everything that wants to come through me. Because my brain wouldn’t be preoccupied with limited thoughts that vibrate at a lower energetic level, there would be an opening for creative expression to flow through me. With my survival no longer an issue, my energy is lifted to a higher vibration where I’m more open and available to hear wisdom and allow ideas to flow to me that I can then bring to expression in the world. My perception and awareness would be more expanded and I might see things and encounter people that aid me in carrying out those purposes which I’ve been guided to know are mine in this world.

This would put me an energetic space to be of service because knowing I’m taken care of allows me to give more of myself to others. I certainly wouldn’t worry about how to get more clients or make more money or even create a successful business. I would live fully in the knowing that as long as I am of service, giving my gifts and talents to the world all else will be taken care of with grace and ease and I will be guided to the actions that create success.

I would spend more time in communion and loving interaction with everyone, but specifically with my children. I’d know that nothing I need to get done or that I think is that urgent really is, and I would just be with them in play and in love. In this way, with them and with everyone, I would allow my heart to really feel and to break into a billion pieces.

The bottom line is I really would be a lot more blissed out on life if I never worried about my own survival. I know this paradigm of survival permeates our culture and I’ve allowed that norm to become my own belief, but I know better. I know better that I’m not here just to survive because it keeps me from giving to Life what I came to give and to contribute. I’m no good to humanity and its upward progress when I’m always worried about controlling my ability to survive. The truth is I am able more and more to live from this confidence in the Universe and its desire for me to be its light.

When my survival is not an issue I live in joy, love, bliss, peace, and every other feeling that is God. In that state I am an uplifter to all I meet and I help raise the collective vibration. In that field of energy, we come up with answers to all the problems that plague our world because we seek those answers with a heart open in love instead of seeking answers from the energy of fear.

So, the message I got from this question is that there isn’t another thing we need to do to be better, get more, be more worthy, or to stay afloat. We need to get beyond our survival and feel our way into knowing that we came here to do more than our small lives ask of us. So, bliss yourself out doing all you would do if you never had a worrisome or anxious thought about surviving, because whatever you would be doing in that state is what Life wants you to be doing and giving to the world. Then you’ll be living a life greater than you could have imagined.

Just thinking about living life from this vantage point has me feeling more open and expanded inside. Even if we believe survival has its time and place in the physical world, we can practice suspending that belief even for one day and see what possibilities open up for us. I hope you’ll set the intention with me to be more aware of the truth that our survival on any level is not an issue so that we can shine brighter in the world and move it along its intended upward evolution.

Questions or comments? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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