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What A Year!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post. Mostly because this past year has been so intense for me and I didn’t feel I could really write until much of what was happening had integrated for me. I feel myself coming to the next point of transition and am cultivating the space of being able to welcome the changes to come.

It’s been a very growth inducing journey this past year where I have been stretched in very uncomfortable and heart opening ways. Where I have been forced to face and let go of so many judgments and outmoded constructs for how I’ve lived my life. Its been an inner journey that has brought to surface so many more layers of old wounds and unhealthy patterns for healing and clearing. I’ve turned away from my spiritual path in many ways only to return from a much clearer space inside where I can feel the integration of all the aspects of my journey and an understanding that’s difficult to articulate here. In short, I get “it” in a way I had not before.

I’ve always been someone who feels very deeply and its only now that I’m understanding how to use that for myself and for others in my work and personal life. I’ve become much more in tune with my body emotionally and how to work with the energy of emotion in order to clear and heal. I’ve been led to a lot of work in the area of relationship which has always been one of the most challenging areas of my life. I’ve gained knowledge but most of all I have been able to see how I show up in relationship, how my wounds and patterns play themselves out, and how to use all of that consciously for my own healing and to shift my relationship to relationship, if that makes sense.

I am still on this journey but I feel the tides moving and shifting and the beginning of a new cycle of growth coming. As I’ve let this last 12-15 months of my life lead me down this path, listening and feeling in to what I needed to explore next, I realize more than ever how I hold myself back from realizing and living out the purpose of my true and highest self. Its interesting as someone who serves others in connecting with their highest selves that I have so many limiting patterns playing out for myself. I’m okay with that, though, because its only through my own experience that I can guide anyone else.

I have faced the fact that in many ways I’m still hiding. Still afraid to be seen and to share myself with the world in a larger way. I heard someone recently talking about the choice to face your own death and that is what I have been avoiding. Once you face your own death in the form of fear of rejection or some other concept that feels annihilating to the small self, then you’re free to live. You become a force that is not afraid to show up fully and to give your heart fully to every moment of life. This is the cliff I’m living on the edge of currently. So, I’m facing my own death and putting myself out there again because I have a purpose that is calling me to live it in a greater way.

On that note, if you’re similarly in a challenging spot in life where you might feel squeezed or in a prison of your own making, I’d love to support your quest for freedom. You might even just be feeling the overwhelm and the squeeze of the holiday season and the end of the year and would like to feel some inner space and peace around the whole thing.

Currently, I’m offering a LASER FOCUSED SESSION with me at a discounted rate through the end of January 2015. This is a 90 minute session where we’ll explore one area or one issue that is coming up for you as the biggest challenge right now related to any area of your life. You’ll leave the session with workable processes and insights you can apply and practice immediately. In addition, if you book the session before Thanksgiving day, I will add on a bonus half hour follow up session to check back in on what we covered in the first session and offer you additional support.

How it works:

  1. I’m offering this 90 minute session for a discounted $150 (usually $225).

  2. All you have to do is use this PayPal button to book and pay for your session, leave me an email or contact number, and then I will contact you to schedule the session.

  3. Alternatively, you can use this PayPal button to pay for half the session now in order to book it and then you will be able to pay the remainder just prior to your session.

  4. All sessions are done via Skype unless otherwise arranged (e.g. in-person, face time, phone, etc).

  5. This offer is good through January 31, 2015.

For some insight into my work, the following are a couple of descriptions from current and past clients about their work with me:

“Through practical application of heart-centered work and as a witness to your story, Khatija guides others in cultivating a space within them to reconnect to the love and the stillness in their heart, ultimately leading to the awakening of consciousness and through continued practice, unleashing your true potential and path.”Michele

“Khatija gives people access to their highest self. She helps to keep people on their path of authenticity by providing them insight to who they really are. She has the amazing ability to help her clients navigate through the toughest, most painful situations by reminding them of the lessons they are supposed to be learning. She is the connector and eyes into who we were born to be.” – Stephanie

Please feel free to share and forward this offer to anyone you feel might resonate with it.

Looking forward to connecting and growing and serving. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call me at 310.351.7870.

Khatija Dadabhoy is a Counselor, Coach, and Teacher who specialize in guiding her clients through emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation.

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