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The Opportunity Within

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Last year was such a mixed bag. Absolutely amazing and magical at times with so much love and adventure. Absolutely stupefying at times with circumstances I couldn’t have dreamed up if I were in a bizarre soap opera in the twilight zone. Sometimes the pain has felt unbearable and crushing. I fought to stay afloat through a lot this year. Life has definitely wrung me dry at times.

Through all of it there has been huge opportunity. Opportunity to be loved and supported by beautiful people in a way the previous me would never have imagined was possible when I was busy feeling so all alone in the world. It’s been an opportunity to receive and allow myself to be loved. I haven’t always been good at that though I have grown in my ability to let others love and show up for me. The challenges and struggles have also held within them an inherent opportunity to parent myself. To practice and to grow and to change how I operate. To process and befriend my emotions and see myself more truly.

I’ve still got a long way to go but I have been able to see this past year where I haven’t been willing to fully engage and participate in my own existence, and where I was still resisting life with stories that keep me stuck. But the opportunity will always be there to change and shift and grow and engage myself fully so that I can be the expression in the world that I truly truly desire to be.

I know 2016 will be full of opportunity as well. I’m hoping for more opportunity to enjoy and love and give and receive. I’m hoping for opportunity to become more competent in the ways of magical living and of expressing love through my being. Everything else wonderful to experience in the material world is just a byproduct.

Happy New Year!

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