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The Opportunity of a New Year


We’re a couple of days away from the start of 2015 and I’ll be honest with you that I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions. Something never felt quite right about waiting until the start of a new year to then resolve to making a bunch of changes that needed making or to give attention to areas of my life that really needed attention.

I don’t believe a day on a calendar can tell you when you’re inwardly ready to take on the work of inner transformation and/or outer change or manifestation. If you’re ready you’ll know and it could just as well be June 1st and not January 1st because the part of yourself that knows is not following a calendar, it is living in each now moment. To force yourself to make changes or create new habits because a day on the calendar and cultural norm tells you to is setting yourself up for a pattern of guilt, judgment and disappointment if you’re somehow not able to make it happen.

So, what CAN a new year provide for us and how can we honor and use the turning of the year?

The new year can give us the opportunity to take inventory of the closing year. What have we learned? How have we grown? What accomplishments have we made? How has our life changed? How has our inner world changed? What are we grateful for looking back that we had a tough time accepting when it happened? Taking some time to go through the year by journaling it or sharing with a friend can help us actually see how far we’ve come.

It can also help us see what we are ready to step into next. We can take the opportunity to check in with ourselves and see what is calling out for us to take action on. When we are adept at listening to our inner guidance, we can feel into what is the next aligned step for us. From there, we can create intentions that we can release to the Universe for help and support. We can resolve to listen for the inner guidance and pay attention to the outer messages and signs in order to fulfill that intention. And if we want to use the marking of the new year to shift then we can ask ourselves what needs releasing in order to fulfill those next steps and intentions. We can then resolve to do the work of not carrying whatever limits us forward so that there is a clear path to step onto where we can be available for the next aligned action to take. This can apply to any area of your life. You can’t see a clear vision of what is next when your view is fogged over with old and stagnant beliefs, behaviors and emotional residue.

This is how I’ll be spending new year’s eve, creating an inner space to welcome in what is naturally wanting to happen next in my life. However you spend yours, I’m wishing you a wonderful night and an empowering journey through the next cycle of your life.


If you’d like to do some more in depth work around these themes as you begin the new year, then book a laser focused Freedom Session with me where for 90 minutes we’ll delve into the most pressing items facing you right now.  We’ll explore and find what will unlock the door to more freedom for you and get you on the road to real transformation and open hearted living. We’ll help create an inner space where that transformation can occur.

Click here to learn more about how you can get free and make this holiday season a more connected, open hearted, and joyful experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call me at 310.351.7870.

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