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The Nature of Things

“If I dare to hear you I will feel you like the sun And grow in your direction.”- Mark Nepo

We’re all growing toward the light in our own way and on our own unique journeys. We usually start that journey from the dirt and muck of something tragic in our lives, and in those moments when we’re forced to break open like the seed is when we finally dare to hear beyond our human voice. We hear something deeper calling us toward the light.

Our lives are never the same and there is no going back or staying closed and hiding. It’s not an easy growth as I know too well, but the pain of whatever devastation we experienced is the soil that eventually grows new life. I would have never wished on myself the losses and betrayals and humiliations and abuse but it changed me because the truth was I was ready to finally hear what had been whispering in my heart for a long time.

I was ready to change, to face what needed to be faced and let myself grow in the direction of the sun. I learned to keep my focus there and I remember to listen because I’m always guided in how to get closer and grow greater.

If you’re in the darkness right now and it seems like you may never see the light in your life again, just remember that in the dark under the surface of things there is a lot happening. You’re being worked on. When you let this happen for you and really hear the voice in the dark, you will stop telling yourself the stories of resistance to what is. Then you will finally surrender to the process and you will then absolutely grow toward the light that has always been there waiting for you to feel it.

It is the nature of things.

If you are in need of support and would like to know more about what I offer please go to my services page. You can contact me for a free initial conversation. Much love on the journey.

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