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The Big Shift

I’m not an expert on this, but the Mayans were not talking about the end of civilization. They were talking about a phase change. I do not expect less. It does not mean the end of the world. It is the end of a cycle, in the sense that we really can’t continue to grow more and more as we have been doing in a finite womb of Earth. We can’t grow one more generation of population pollution and species extinction, so we have a built-in time factor.

The main message is that if we can connect that which is loving, creative, and innovative in an expression of global coherence of the heart and of our creativity, we can effect the tipping point. With enough of us connecting heart with heart, center with center, innovation with innovation, prayer with prayer, through the internet and the noosphere, we can have a major impact on a more gentle transition toward the next stage of evolution.

-Barbara Marx Hubbard

So here we are on this precipice that so many have been talking about…the big shift. I’m hoping that everyone out there understands what tomorrow marks is a shifting from our current level of consciousness and ways of operating in the world to a new paradigm, one that operates from a higher level of consciousness. I’m contemplating how I can be part of that shift and how I can create a space in my inner world that allows myself to be a conduit of this new level of consciousness. I know that many people are marking this time with some kind of ritual and meditation. I intend to do the same and was inspired by a post a friend sent me about releasing our baggage that limits our ability to grow in consciousness. The post talked about listing all the items in your baggage that you want to leave behind, saying a prayer, and burning the piece of paper.

As I thought about this and about my last post, Perception Is A Mirror, I realized I wish to leave behind my dark shadow projections because they limit my ability to see others, myself and the world through a consciousness of oneness and love. It’s painful to realize my own darkness because I have never been willing to look it squarely in the face. I realize that I can only be free by facing it and standing in the metaphorical fire while it cleanses itself from my psyche. So, tonight I am facing the darkest parts of my small self, listing them out, owning them by speaking them each out loud as a part of myself I now recognize, and opening myself to their transformation. Before I burn my list, I’ll pray something like the following:

I release blame, judgment, victimhood, martyrdom, selfishness, meanness, coldness, anger, narcissism, drama, fear, superiority, delusions of grandeur, insecurity, jealousy, manipulation, need for control, lack of a sense of responsibility, need to be right, lack of compassion, condescension, etc. (these are mine and there are more…haha). I release these dark qualities into the fire of transformation, that they may be transmuted into the highest energetic vibration as the light of love.

As I do this tonight, I know I want to be part of this world transformation. I want to participate in a more loving and open hearted world, and the only place I can start is within. I can acknowledge where I have not been ready for that and I can prepare myself. One of my biggest realizations this year has been how many blocks I had around my heart and how limiting it has been for me to experience what I truly desire. What I am experiencing is a microcosm of the larger experience. As I free my blocks, I participate in changing the larger experience of the world.

Transformation is not easy business and I can attest to the fact that it shakes your world up, destroys what no longer works, and pushes you to what you think is your limit so that you can break free. Intentions are powerful, so when you ask for yourself to be changed, be prepared. While it is not easy by any means, it is so worth the work. So do you work! Happy shifting to you!

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