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Say Goodbye

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Saying goodbye gets to be par for the course on this journey of self discovery and inner change. There is this constant need to make room for the new to unfold. Sometimes it means saying goodbye to an old pattern of thought that doesn’t serve your highest good so you can create a new and more beneficial one. At times it may mean saying goodbye to a relationship that was reflective of who you used to be but isn’t growing with you now that you are evolving. Saying goodbye is important if you really want to uncover your true self. You have to say goodbye to what’s familiar, to your comfort zone, to all the muck covering over your light.

What’s funny is that we really fight saying goodbye, even to that which we know is not good for us and not working for us. We’ll hold on for dear life to something that is actually killing us. As long as we’re holding on to what doesn’t work, there’s no room to create anything new or change the paradigm we live by. We’re afraid of stepping out and/or maybe we lack the belief in ourselves that we are capable of creating the positive change we need. It’s very similar to the material things we keep. Even if we don’t use something or it’s broken, we don’t want to get rid of it. Maybe it holds some feeling for us or we falsely believe that one day we’ll fix it or we promise ourselves we’ll get around to using it one of these days. Then a year or years later, nothing has changed except maybe we’ve accumulated more junk in our space.

That’s what we’ve got going on inside, this accumulation of junk that doesn’t work and which we don’t need. We swear one day we’ll get around to dealing with those feelings or going to therapy or saying those affirmations or reading that book. But we don’t, because it would mean saying goodbye to our life as we know it. It would mean saying goodbye to the version of ourselves we’ve grown familiar with, even if it is familiar with disdain. The illusion of ourselves that we’ve perfected is what we think we know and it’s what we think everyone in our lives know of us as well. Who knows what would happen to our whole life structure we’ve built if we go getting conscious and thinking and doing things differently. We don’t often want to shake things up in this way because we know deep down it would probably involve saying goodbye to quite a lot.

So let’s be real, saying goodbye is hard but it is also sometimes very necessary. So I say, be more willing to say goodbye when we’re faced with those dark periods that require us to turn inward. When we hold on tight and aren’t willing to create space for evolution to occur then we get that brick upside the head that forces us to say goodbye to what wasn’t working. It looks like that darkness that’s bubbled to the surface in some situation or the dry desert time when nothing seems to be working out right. Its calling us to say goodbye, all in the name of our highest good and in the name of propelling us forward to live our highest potential. Allow yourself to move consciously through those times when you’re being called to shed the old, the broken, and the outworn. Say goodbye and release it knowing that it’s preparation for the next level of how you will interact with life.

What are you being asked to say goodbye to? Meditate, ask the question and see what surfaces.

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