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Oprah, The Peaceful Warrior, and the Law of Surrender

Here are two videos which I feel really speak to a better understanding of what surrender looks like. The first one is from Oprah’s Master Class series and is a wonderful testimony to the power of surrender through her personal experience. The second is from Dan Millman, author of the Way of The Peaceful Warrior, where he explains the Law of Surrender very concisely and with a bit of humor.

I hope you find the videos helpful and a little more clarifying on the concept of surrender. I’ll be going into a little more depth on its importance in the process of transformation with my next blog.

Dan mentions The Work of Byron Katie, who I feel is an excellent teacher of this kind of non-resistance to life. Here is the expanded version of what he quotes in the video.

“The Work reveals that what you think shouldn’t have happened should have happened. It should have happened because it did, and no thinking in the world can change it. This doesn’t mean that you condone it or approve of it. It just means that you can see things without resistance and without the confusion of your inner struggle. No one wants their children to get sick, no one wants to be in a car accident; but when these things happen, how can it be helpful to mentally argue with them? We know better than to do that, yet we do it, because we don’t know how to stop.”
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