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No More Settling! Break Your Limiting Agreements

I’ve been wondering why so many of us humans settle for a watered down version of ourselves and our lives? I got to thinking that it’s maybe because a couple of key things have tripped us up on this journey in the physical world. One is that we’ve agreed with so many of the limiting messages that inundate our experience and our minds. The other is that we really have no idea just how powerful we are. We are so mistaken in this area, myself included. A minority of us really live from their power, but most of us are just hovering around in average where we utilize very little of our innate power. Because of this we live small lives with minimum participation and call it “normal.” I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be normal at all if that’s what it means. I’m really in touch with a deeper longing and knowing that average is really not for me. My suspicion is that most people feel the same way but talk themselves out of it or are too afraid to do anything about it. I’ve come to understand that the more awareness I have, the less I’m able to settle for a normal or average life experience. I mean, I took on coming into this physical body in this physical world in this particular time, and I really feel I had big things planned for myself to experience and contribute. So, why haven’t I owned that and fully expressed it?

Well, my theory is that we come in to the perfect life situation, chosen by us, in order to call forth the greatness in us. The trip up is that we forget who we are pretty quickly and start believing stuff about ourselves and our lives that lead us astray. We begin believing the illusions of the world we’ve collectively created. We have well-meaning adults who tell us things like “you can’t have everything you want” or “are you sure you want to be __________? Wouldn’t it be safer to be ___________?”  We are constantly inundated with limiting messages about what we can accomplish or how we can express ourselves from people who live in fear. So, what do we do? As little children, we begin to agree with those messages which make them real to us. Little do we know that we’re just buying into the collective illusion based on fear. Nothing is a reality or a truth for us until we agree with it. Someone could tell us that our dream is an impossibility, but until the moment we agree with them, it’s not our reality. When we’re young, we look to those who care for us and raise us as the holders of knowledge and wisdom, so when they tell us something about ourselves we tend to believe them.

We don’t just take in these messages from those in our lives, we take them in from the larger thought system that runs rampant in our world. We collectively agree on things like aging badly, marriage being the end of excitement for a relationship, disease, etc. as all being the normal progression in our reality. We don’t realize we create these realities through our agreement. Because we agree, we settle for the so so marriage or the average job or shake our head at the negative news on tv and tell ourselves that this is the way life is.

One of the worst agreements, I think, is the one in which we believe that we can’t have it all. The idea being that we have to settle for not experiencing some part of life because we’re not allowed to have it great in all areas of our lives. This can look like the woman who resigns herself to not having a relationship because she’s got a fabulous career and is wealthy. It can also look like the woman who has a wonderful family but longs to expressive her creativity in other ways. Or the man who believes he has to give up being with his family to be successful in his career. In this way, we bargain with the Universe saying we’ll give up this happiness for the other if the Universe would just grant it to us.

Why do we make ourselves so powerless? How do we begin to know, feel and remember how powerful we innately are? If you think about it, what I’ve described above actually shows how powerful we are. We’ve just used that power in a way that doesn’t serves us well. We use it to create lives that are ultimately not as fulfilling as they really could be. What if we used that power to get out of the collective illusion and create a different reality for ourselves? I believe we can but I’m not sure it’s an easy road.

It begins with remembering that we’re not the one playing out all of these agreements. We are the ones watching our human selves carry out all of these agreements in life. If that’s true then we have the awareness that brings with it the power and right to choose a different path. We make a decision to break those agreements and make more powerful ones. We watch others who do that and find them inspiring yet set them apart from us as some sort of anomaly. We convince ourselves that we’re not like them, and that’s convenient for avoiding change and growth and participation in life. It’s also a lie because we are exactly like them. We have all the same capacities and potential within us that any inspiring figure we know of carries within them. Their potential is actualized in the physical world because they have broken their limiting agreements and created powerful ones, which in turn, created an environment within themselves where greatness can express and materialize.

Anyone can do this with awareness first of where you’ve made a limiting agreement in your life. It could be when someone told you as a child that you wouldn’t be good at whatever it was you dreamt of doing and you agreed with them and took it on as your own belief. So you settled for doing something that was sensible but for which you had very little passion. Now that you bring it to your awareness, you can exercise the power of choice to break this limiting agreement, thus opening the door to more possibility and more participation in life. There are countless examples of where we are living according to a limiting agreement we made. Remember, that it doesn’t become our reality until we agree with whatever the message is that’s given to us. Also, remember that the Universe does not need you to bargain with it. It wants to help you express your full and whole Self and places no limits on you or what you can do.

So, think about those inspiring individuals who don’t allow limits to be placed on their expression in the world, and decide for yourself what agreements you can break today to begin expressing the greater version of You!

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