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Make A Mistake


But what if I’m making a mistake?

If you suffer from the “what if I’m making a mistake?” syndrome, you know that life can feel pretty confining and limited. All that worry that you might make the wrong decision or screw things up keeps you from actually living.  It might even feel paralyzing, keeping you from taking any action of any kind. Sure, you can do what’s safe or acceptable, what society or your parents think is practical and sensible but you would be living an inauthentic life.

It takes courage to set out on paths others might consider unwise or illogical when you know it will provide you what you need on your journey and will create a richer life experience for you.

Making a mistake on purpose can be a powerful growth opportunity

What if making what others considered a mistake was something you actually did on purpose, with a high level of consciousness and awareness? I’m not speaking of being careless, unkind, or hurtful as a result of your actions. I’m speaking of making a conscious decision to listen and follow your heart even when it makes no sense, and sometimes when it means walking straight into the fire.

The alternative is far worse to me than any consequence of the mistake that might be made. The alternative really is showing up as someone other than your true self, living someone else’s vision of your life, and making a silent agreement to stay small. The fire might burn you but it will transform you.

It’s not the easy or safe road but its our unique path

There are those times we know something we enter into is not going to be an easy road but we are compelled to walk that road in spite of this knowing. We do that because there is a deeper knowing that we’re being guided through an experience that we very much need to go through in order to live our true destiny

Besides that, lets face it, life lived from this approach is far more interesting and fun.  Life is an adventure to be had and sometimes that means veering off the beaten path to discover your own route to fulfillment.

A Mistake

If you know me, you know I’m a huge Fiona Apple fan. Her song, A Mistake, has always resonated with me and has become one of my anthems. Mostly because when I first heard it I was at a time in my life when I was so tired of being the good girl and doing what I thought I should or what was considered “right”.  Since then I’ve made a whole slew of mistakes, and while some definitely had high price tags, they have all shaped me, grown me, opened me and expanded me. Most importantly they aided me in finding my own voice and my calling.

Take a listen to the song and see if it resonates with you in any way. The most important message is don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Life can be pretty small and unlived when you do.

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