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This weekend I watched a film on Netflix called Kumare. A sort of documentary about a man who pretends he is a guru and makes up his own sort of religion. He gains followers and begins teaching them. The process he and the followers go through is fascinating in that he actualizes his highest self through this guru he has created himself to be. The followers actually create profound inner change as well, proving his point that everything is a mirror and the true guru is within. He was an illusion that they projected their image onto and essentially taught themselves.

I actually found it profound on many different levels and it raises so many questions. Was he actually helping them, guiding them to their own inner teacher through made up rituals and philosophy? Was it really just the fact that he spent so much time with these people in a deep and connected way and that connection facilitated an opening for them? There is a lot to think about even in terms of how much stake we put into teachings and guidance from outside of ourselves. All we ever really need is to know how to access that place within ourselves that is already in full knowledge and understanding of how to transform our lives and access our happiness.

Here is the filmmaker, Vikram Ghandi, giving a TED Talk on the experience of making the film. The trailer for the film is at the end of his talk. If you’re interested in watching it, it is available on Netflix.

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