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If You Only Knew…

“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.”  ―    Anthon St. Maarten,Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny

What you don’t know won’t hurt you. I’m sure you’ve heard that said before. Maybe it’s even true in some cases, but when it comes to your relationship with yourself, what you don’t know about yourself can hinder you from living the greatest version of your life. Often, what we don’t know about ourselves aren’t all the “negative” things, but what we don’t know is actually the truth about our perfect nature and our great potential. What we think we know are usually false interpretations we come to attach to ourselves and continue to believe sometimes until the end of our days.

In this case, no one is keeping this valuable information about us secret from us. The truth is right there for us to see within ourselves, but it is we who don’t take notice of it, it is we who ignore it. But let’s remember that ignoring something means we ultimately know it to be there but have decided to behave as if it isn’t. It is also accurate to say that this knowledge about our radiance, genius, perfection, magnificence is so clouded over by layers and layers of pain and dark energy that its ability to be seen is blocked.

So what would happen if you stopped ignoring and denying what is really true about you? What if you began uncovering it? What if you really stood in the knowledge of who you really are and lived your life from that place?

What is that truth about you that you’re not in knowledge of? And how is this state of not knowing hurting you and your life? Well it usually boils down to your worth and value as a human being. Coupled with that, it is about your inherent greatness which is not based on any skill or personality trait. These are all things you were born with…a natural worth, value and greatness within you of which you are tasked with expressing into the world. All of the life experiences you’ve had which you’ve internalized as negative perceptions of yourself have only masked over what you knew about yourself prior to those experiences. When you move through devastation and emotional upheaval it’s only an indication that a cleansing is what is needed. A cleansing of all you think you know in order for the truth about you to be uncovered and practiced as knowledge. For that reason, be grateful for those life experiences which are sometimes very challenging for us to find the good in.

I was in a relationship that turned my whole world upside down, during and especially once it ended. Not knowing the truth of my own greatness, and definitely not knowing the truth of my worth as a woman and as an individual, not only hindered me but walked me right into a relationship that devastated me. In many ways during that relationship I was living a very very small version of what my life could be and I was in a great deal of pain. If I never woke up to what needed to be cleared away, I would never have been able to touch the truth about myself and begin to get acquainted again with knowing that I had something grand to express and that all things are possible when I am armed with this knowledge. If I had only known all of it at the time, my life would have taken a different turn because my decisions would have been based in self-love and self-worth. Life is always giving us an opportunity to get to know the deeper truth about ourselves whether through some devastating life experience and/or an inner breakdown. Not everyone wakes up when their lives fall apart, even in little ways, and that is when what they don’t know can very much hurt them.

There is the potential of a great big life trying to express itself through each of us in whatever way we are called to express it. If we only knew this, that it is ready whenever we are, we would make very different decisions and choices. Decisions and choices that reflect greatness, inspiration, love, beauty, and worthiness. We would enter consciously into this act of clearing and getting to the authentic and pure reality of our nature. Taking opportunities to go on a journey of self-discovery to the places we’ve ignored within us. When we take it on consciously we don’t need the brick to the head experiences to wake us up anymore.

As I thought about all that I wasn’t aware of about myself and how the lies I believed about myself guided my actions, this list of “if you only knew” items began to come forth. This is what I would say to that version of myself that hadn’t woken up yet:

If you only knew how valuable you are to all of life you would know that the attempts of another to tear you down are a call to walk away from those who don’t see their own value lest you forget yourself as they’ve forgotten themselves.

If you only knew how beautiful you are you would always walk through the world with your head held high unafraid of connecting to others and radiating that beauty into their experience.

If you only knew how much you are loved you would never need to seek love out or settle for a mediocre version of its grandness.

If you only knew how valuable your gifts to the world are you would never hinder your own creativity with judgment and second guessing.

If you only knew that anything is possible for you to be, do or have then you would immediately align your desire with the belief of not only its possibility but of its absoluteness.

If you only knew that the grand design of your life is a perfect pattern of success, you would never doubt, worry or fear that its fulfillment would occur.

There is definitely always more to uncover and to stand firmer in within myself, but this is enough to show me that I live and move through life now from a vastly clearer and truer space inside.

Wishing you the blessing of knowing the same about yourself.

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