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Healing Duality: Why it's Crucial to Our Evolution

My inner world has been shifting so much, it is strange to look back even six months ago and see how different my perceptions and understanding were. Our world is going through a massive shift and I find myself gravitating toward understanding and information that is showing me how to shift with it. I realize that the way my work has shifted into such a focus around healing the heart and guiding others in living through an open heart has been aligning with how we can be prepared to move into new paradigms of living together with each other and with the earth. Not on the earth but with the earth.

One of the most potent pieces that has become clear to me is around the idea of dualities. For so long we have been operating from the choose a side and be against something paradigm, of the lines that divide us. We choose and then vilify those on the side we have not chosen. We create ways to be against each other on all the variety of issues to care about out there and then spend endless hours on social media arguing the virtues of our point of view. What we don't engage in is questioning what we believe and questioning the information, programs, and points of view handed down to us. What I've begun to see clearly is that I don't actually know what is going on for certain and I will know when I'm supposed to. In fact, the more I question the less I can conclude as true and I think that's the point. There are so many viewpoints out there and so much differing information on every side of every issue. The best I can do is listen and watch for all viewpoints, and feel into the resonance of truth and love and freedom I feel when I take them in. I can even question that. I've begun questioning everything about myself and what has made up my identity. This questioning has made me much more flexible and accepting of myself and everyone else. It allows me to see myself more clearly without judgement, and more as observation.

When I question what feels aligned for me in terms of beliefs and programs (because all of it is a program), I can see if it can be okay that what feels aligned for me may not be what feels aligned for another. And both can exist. I notice where I want to convince someone their belief is wrong and I want to show them all the evidence to support that I am right. And then I don't, which causes me to have to stay with myself instead and question what is happening within me. There is so much division, shaming, and judgment out here. This is also our inner experience with ourselves. 

It is time for us to heal our cognitive dissonance and where duality lives within each of us. To allow ourselves to be with two differing viewpoints, beliefs, personal truths, emotional realities, approaches, etc. without needing to reject one for the other. I invite you to see if you can allow whatever dualities there are to both coexist within you and within the world, without needing to prove one wrong and one right. That is the mastery being called for right now and the collective evolution that is possible for the kind of world we want to live in that leads with Love.

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