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Afraid? Be Magnificent Anyway!


Are you afraid?

I can say that I am definitely afraid of my own magnificence. I believe a lot of us are. I talk to the brilliant people in my life who know they aren’t close to expressing their true magnificence and I wonder why so many of us are stuck here. The thing is that if we make that decision to really shine, we can’t hide anymore. Living out our true purpose and our greatest cause in this life would mean there would be nowhere to hide any longer.

The issue of responsibility

Complacency and irresponsibility would also no longer be an option. Being lazy and taking the easy road, going unconscious and being invisible would all have to become a thing of the past. That’s not to say that those who do let their magnificence beam into the world are not human or don’t occasionally indulge in these things I’m speaking of, but it is to say that they understand the responsibility that comes with it. That responsibility is to the greater good of the collective. It is our responsibility to be magnificent and powerful because how we show up impacts far more than the small circle of influence we think we hold. We are all interconnected on an energetic level so everything we do to rise into our own power has far-reaching impact beyond what we can even imagine.

Vulnerability is the price we pay

When I consider my own fear of truly stepping into the light and power I know is within me, I realize it is connected to that belief that being seen brings with it negative consequences. There will be those who judge me and that will touch my vulnerabilities and will I be able to hold firm and stand by my own side? Or will I crumble inside because I’ve put too much weight on others’ opinions?  It also touches on all my doubts and lack of confidence in myself. I have to look at these as they come forward when I put myself out there as someone who has something to offer the world. It can feel overwhelming because I’ve spent my whole life hiding and diminishing myself out of fear.

Hiding = Pain

Then I realize how ridiculous all of that is because magnificence is what I was made for. All of the other stuff is just like layers of clothing that absolutely need to be stripped off so that I can be naked in the truth of who I have always been and was always meant to be. Some of my greatest pain comes from not actualizing my truth, not living out what is the greatest expression of my unique service in this life.  I have work to do here that is greater than my small life and my small self, and so do you. In order to do that work, we are required to get in touch with and really know our God-given magnificence. Not lining up with that can be excruciating because it removes us from our true nature.

Show up in your magnificence anyway

So, yes there is a vulnerability that comes from allowing yourself to be seen and offering your gifts to the world. There is an openness and a nakedness with which we have to allow ourselves to walk through the world as in order to fulfill our purpose. We can’t get there by not showing up in our fullness or by continuing to  try to express our gifts behind the veil of unhealed wounds, unacknowledged aspects of ourselves, feelings of worthlessness, and ignorance about our interconnectedness. Now, we have to bare ourselves for others to see and experience our magnificence so that they can also experience theirs. That is a responsibility we all share…to acknowledge that fear of our own magnificence and our inherent power and to show up in it anyway.

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