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How to Glean the Gold from Loss, Grief, and Transition

A Heart Healing Workshop with Khatija Dadabhoy and Satya Reyes

November 4, 2023

12pm - 1:30pm Pacific

As Autumn unfolds, we're invited to be with themes of shedding, pruning, and harvesting. Engaging the process of clearing and gathering readies us for the inward journey of Winter. We'll come together to honor how our individual lives are asking us to work with these themes.

This workshop is for you if...

You recently, or even not so recently, experienced loss, heartbreak, or a major transition in your life.

You are feeling collective heartbreak, loss and grief as a result of world events.

You feel as if you are stuck in some aspect of this process and unable to move through it fully or see its purpose in your life.

You are struggling to find the lesson, gift, or power in your painful experience.

You are ready and willing to feel it all and find a new perspective.

In this workshop you will:


Satya Reyes is a Holistic esthetician and Energy Healer with 25 years experience combining the two for ultimate radiance. 

An amplifier and activator of Pure Love Frequency, she believes playing is an important spiritual practice as well as celebrating all parts of this human journey. 

She is devoted to deep remembrance of the truth of who she is and assisting humanity in remembering too. 

Khatija Dadabhoy is a counselor, personal coach, and practitioner of energy medicine with over 25 years experience serving others in reconnecting to their hearts and turning their pain into personal power. She has a lifetime of personal inner work she draws from as well as a deep interest in spirituality, quantum physics, understanding and repairing trauma, heart coherence work, and working with our shadow. She believes the heart is our next frontier for evolution in consciousness. 

Golden Leaves
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